Mechanical Scales

When access to power is limited, or simple and reliable functionality is crucial, there are a multitude of mechanical scales available to suit your needs.

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  1. Adam Equipment MDW-200B Clinical Scale

    MDW-200B Clinical Scale

    Featuring a capacity of 440lb / 200kg, the MDW 200B mechanical scale offers simple, affordable weighing for healthcare and fitness facilities and gyms. Learn More
  2. Adam Equipment MDW-160M Clinical Scale

    MDW-160M Clinical Scale

    Height rod as standard (measures up to 60-212 cm) Robust metal housing Anti-slip platform Adjustable zero point Wheels to allow easy movement 2 weighing units (kg, lb) Learn More
  3. Adam Equipment MDW-200M Clinical Scale

    MDW-200M Clinical Scale

    With a capacity of 440lb / 200kg, wheels, and adjustable height rod, MDW 200M mechanical scale is well-suited for healthcare or fitness facilities. Learn More
  4. Brecknell MS-50M Mechanical Beam Scale

    MS-50M Mechanical Beam Scale

    Bench top mechanical beam scale with removable weighing tray. 62 kg x 20 g / 135 lb x 1 oz. Learn More
  5. Brecknell model 235-10X overhead weighing scale

    235-10X Hanging Scale

    Robust mechanical hanging scale with a 400 lb capacity ideal for a wide variety of overhead weighing applications. Learn More
  6. Brecknell MB2610 Triple Beam Balance.

    MB2610 Triple Beam Balance

    Mechanical triple beam balance made of high quality aluminum alloy. Comes pre-calibrated with 2610 grams attachment weights with magnetic damping which brings the pointer to rest with minimum amount of swing. Learn More
  7. Brecknell 250-8 Mechanical Bench Scale

    250-8 Mechanical Bench Scale

    Mechanical bench scale for a wide range of applications. Robust mild steel case finished in hammer grey paint. Single marked kg or dual marked lb/kg. 20% capacity offset for weight of pan or other containers. Dash-pot is standard. Learn More
  8. Brecknell MPS1203 Portable Beam Scale

    MPS1203 Portable Beam Scale

    The MPS1203 is a rugged and economical mechanical scale for industrial and commercial weighing. This scale has 500 kg / 1000 lb capacity and features cast iron base construction, a large weighing platform, and is mounted on wheels for easy portability. Learn More
  9. Brecknell 235-6M Mechanical Hanging Scale

    235-6M Hanging Scale

    Robust & reliable. Accurate and easy to read. Available in a number of capacities for a variety of different overhead weighing applications. Learn More
  10. Brecknell HS-200M Mechanical Beam Scale

    HS-200M Mechanical Beam Scale

    Mechanical beam scale with height measuring capability 60 cm to 210 cm x 0.1 cm and weighing range up to 200 kg / 440 lb x 100 g / 4 oz respectively. Learn More
  11. Brecknell CS-200M Chair Scale

    CS-200M Chair Scale

    This mechanical chair scale was designed for weighing those who have difficulty standing on their own. The die-cast easy to read beam runs along the back of the chair. Powder coated steel construction. The chair is over-sized for comfort with arms and footrest that lift away for easy access. The rear wheels lock for safety and the front wheels swivel for easy portability along with easy to clean plastic seat. Learn More
  12. Brecknell 250-6S Mechanical Bench Dial

    250-6S Mechanical Bench Dial

    Stainless steel bench scale for a wide range of applications, particularly in the catering industry. Single marked kg or dual marked lb/kg dial display. Easy to clean stainless steel case. 20% capacity offset for weight of pan or other containers. Stainless steel pan and dash-pot included. Learn More
  13. Doran DS2100 Physician's / Clinical Scale

    DS2100 Physician's Scale

    Ideal for weighing patients up to 450 lb. Learn More
  14. Ohaus D500M Portable Beam Scale

    D500M Portable Beam Scale

    Heavy-duty mechanical epoxy-painted steel construction for industrial applications. Phenolic wheels allow scale to be easily moved with beam lock to protect scale mechanism. Includes counterpoise weights for scale capacities up to 1000 pounds Learn More
  15. Ohaus Triple Beam Junior Mechanical Balance

    Triple Beam Junior

    Rugged and affordable, the OHAUS TJ611 Triple Beam Junior balance offers a solid track record of performance for a reasonable price. Notched and tiered beams for easy reading Security Features (lockable connections) Zero adjust compensator ensures correct zero Learn More

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