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Scales.us is the premier online source for all of your weighing & measurement needs!  Our mission is to provide access to a wide range of quality products made by scale industry manufacturers from around the world that represent the varying degrees of capability, durability, repairability, and price.  In doing so we hope to empower individuals and businesses alike to make better buying decisions.  Our team consists of personnel with an immeasurable amount of experience within the scale industry, all of whom are committed to ensuring that you get the best equipment available for your particular needs.  Our goal is to establish ourselves as the most comprehensive platform for browsing and comparing weighing products from around the world.

You can select your equipment based on whatever metric is most important to you.  Bear in mind that shopping on price point alone is a roll of the dice with each and every purchase, and equipment should be compared across a variety of attributes.

If for any reason you feel unsure in your online shopping, then visit our friends at Scales.com to find a dealer near you.

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