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  1. Seca 803 Personal Digital Scale

    803 Personal Digital Scale

    Digital flat scales with high-quality two component rubber surface. The classic, clean line of the basic model turns heads and the high-quality rubber coating feels good to the touch. Itʼs also pleasantly easy to read the weights in the display because the LCD figures are unusually large. Learn More
  2. 984 Digital Bed & Dialysis Scale with Equipment Trolley

    984 Digital Bed & Dialysis Scale with Equipment Trolley

    Always in use: the seca 984 facilitates the easy, gentle and precise weighing of bedridden patients and is an indispensable aid in dialysis and intensive care. Learn More
  3. Seca 334 Baby Scale

    334 Baby Scale

    Mobile measuring and weighing, TARE, BMIF, Auto-HOLD, kg/lbs switch-over, Automatic switch-off Learn More
  4. Seca 419 Head Positioners for Baby Scale Seca 334

    419 Head Positioners

    Head positioners for baby scale seca 334. Learn More
  5. Seca 284 Digital Measuring Station

    284 Digital Measuring Station

    Benefits include the high-capacity scale integrated in a stable glass platform, the heel positioner and the solid headpiece with the integrated seca Frankfurt Line – for precise head positioning. Not to mention the two displays. Learn More
  6. Seca 216 Mechanical Measuring Rod

    216 Mechanical Height Measuring Rod

    The plastic frame is simply mounted on the wall at the desired height. As the user can choose the range shown in the frame, the seca 216 is suitable for measuring children or adults. The results are clearly displayed in a window on the side of the rod and held in place by the locking screw on the head piece. Learn More
  7. Roll of labels for seca 360° wireless printer seca 466.

    486 Label Rolls for 466 Printer

    Roll of labels for seca 360° wireless printer seca 466. Learn More
  8. Seca 233 Infant Measuring Rod for Seca 374 Scale

    233 Infant Measuring Rod for Seca 374 Scale

    The measuring rod seca 233 with integrated head and foot positioner turns the seca 374 into a complete weighing and measuring system. Learn More
  9. Seca 217 Mobile Stadiometer

    217 Mobile Stadiometer

    The mobile stadiometer seca 217 boasts great stability, a cleverly designed assembly system and particularly high-quality materials. Learn More
  10. 876 Digital Platform Scale

    876 Digital Platform Scale

    The compact seca 876 weighs only 9.3 lbs. This scale is nevertheless very stable and suitable for persons weighing up to 550 lbs. Learn More
  11. Seca 656 Digital Gurney / Stretcher Scale

    656 Digital Gurney / Stretcher Scale

    Patients can also be weighed while sitting in wheelchairs or on chairs. A unique characteristic of the seca 656 is the new memory function. This practical feature helps to lighten the workload especially in the emergency unit: first the total weight of the patient and stretcher or wheelchair is determined. Learn More
  12. Seca 852 Digital Portion and Diet Scale

    852 Digital Portion & Diet Scale

    It can be repeatedly reset to zero, regardless of how many ingredients are already in the bowl. The scale and bowl are so perfectly matched that the scale simply slip into the bowl for storage. Learn More
  13. 460 RS232 Interface for Printer or PC

    460 RS232 Interface for Printer or PC

    RS232 interface for transmitting data to the serial interface of a PC or printer for seca 645, seca 685, seca 644, seca 684, seca 676, seca 664, seca 656, seca 674, seca 763 and seca 634. Learn More
  14. 813 Personal Digital Scale

    813 Personal Digital Scale

    Digital flat scales with very high bearing capacity of up to 440 lbs. Because of the increasing amount of individuals weighing more, the seca 813 can easily hold up to 440 lbs on its extra wide platform. The tough rubber coating takes the heaviest challenges lightly and the flat construction makes stepping on very easy. Learn More
  15. 760 Personal Mechanical Scale

    760 Personal Mechanical Scale

    These scales are available in burgundy red, midnight blue, ecru, black and white. And because there‘s no disputing taste, this classic model also comes in two additional versions – with white or black housing. All of them have in common the chrome-plated safety ring, a platform of skin-friendly grooved natural rubber, the classic scale dial and robust, precise weighing mechanics. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 663 total

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